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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dunn Environmental Services - Affordable & Reliable Pest Prevention

You have a choice when it comes to Florida pest control services. And when unwelcomed pests invade your home, just call Dunn Environmental Services to your rescue!

Throughout Florida, every day more families have discovered that having Dunn Environmental Services ( full service pest control company ) is the best way to protect their homes, families, and pets from undesirable, invasive Florida pests.

The advanced Dunn Environmental Services Safe Home Program is designed to help you keep your family and the environment protected. By using environmentally responsible pest control materials and methods, Dunn Environmental Services helps maintain all the comfortable living spaces both inside and outside your home.

Pests have no defense against Dunn Environmental Services trained technicians. Every Dunn Environmental Services employee treats your home as if it was their own. With their extensive experience, they take all the necessary precautions to strategically place the pest control materials in and around the living areas. By creating and then maintaining a protective barrier, they shield your family from the invasive and potentially harmful pests that may try to invade your home all year round

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